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Brand Update – Collins McKay

After spending some time reviewing our brand strategy and business values, we felt that it was time to move these forward and bring these elements, as well as our look and feel, in line with each other.

At Collins McKay, we underpin each of our projects and our client relationships with our four key values, ensuring the highest level of standards. These consist of ingenuity, transparency, excellence and sustainability. We have always worked to these core values, however, in line with the second of these, we wanted to bring transparency to how we operate.

Ingenuity – Showcasing innovation and creativity.

We have the drive and passion to problem-solve in bold, creative and innovative ways.

Transparency – Providing clarity, being ethical and moral.

Openness and honesty with ourselves as individuals and to those that we work with and act on behalf of.

Excellence – Ensuring quality, being accountable and creating and upholding trust.

Applying this to every facet of our projects and client relationships to ensure we do, be and deliver the absolute best.

Sustainability – Being forward-thinking, proactive and providing longevity.

Consideration around everything we do in the here-and-now as well as our footprint and impact on the future.

To compliment the work carried out on our strategy and values, we have updated our brand visuals of which we are in the process of rolling out over our website, social channels and collateral.

Our new look brings our values to life, providing visual representation of exactly what we stand for.

For further information on our rebrand, please do get in touch.

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