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Collins McKay is an innovative, dynamic consultancy offering building surveying and project management services. Our approach sets us apart from traditional firms by offering technical services through our commercial understanding of our clients' requirements.

What we do

We provide building surveying, project management and cost consultancy services to owners and occupiers of commercial property including corporate occupiers, institutional property investors and fund managers. Our office is based in Covent Garden but we work for clients across the UK.

What makes us different?

To see a building surveying instruction through to successful completion requires good planning, attention to detail and hard work. Collins McKay embodies all these values but what makes us really stand out is our commercially minded and pragmatic approach. We’re unique in this respect because our MD, who has a hand in all projects, has a background which also spans asset management, investment and occupier agency.

Our approach

We like to know who you are, how you work and what makes you tick in order to understand the drivers behind your project. This allows us to deliver results that will really make a difference to you. We are unfaltering in our commitment to excellence, be it technical or commercial and we go to great lengths to ensure that the approach we take to all work is the best possible. 

Who we are

Our team, headed by Tim Collins, is unique in the field of building surveying being underpinned by remarkable cross discipline experience which shapes our approach to building consultancy. Having been a board director of a well known property consultancy, Tim subsequently joined the management team of a West End property investment company where he maximised the value of it’s commercial property interests together with directing the strategy of clients’ property portfolios.

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No matter how large or small the instruction, it is important to us and we are proud of all the work we do. Here is a small cross section of our recent work. If you would like more information please contact us.

Office Fit Out

Office Fit Out

Collins McKay has a strong track record in managing office fit out projects. Over the past 18 months we have delivered projects for Eurosport, Pokemon, Klesch, and Palantir. Our approach is structured to manage quality, control costs, and ensure that the risks of an office fit out and relocation are minimised regardless of whether the client uses a design and build contractor or takes the ‘traditional’ route using an external design team.

The key to the success of a project lies in the planning that takes place prior to commencement of any site work; getting the backbone of the project right at the onset will minimise delays later on. We will always scrutinise contractor’s costs and timescale promises to ensure that they are realistic. We also focus on communication at an early stage to streamline the dialogue between parties as many client’s only want to know about the crucial aspects of a project rather than every detail that might be addressed during a complex project.

Above all, we provide a service that is tailored to a client’s requirements and can take complete control of a project through to supplying expertise at specific times in a project such as agreeing contractual terms or undertaking analysis of tenders.

For more information, get in touch.

Surplus Property Portfolio

Surplus Property Portfolio

Many of our clients have non-operational property on their books. These liabilities can create a significant a financial drain in rent, rates, and other outgoings. We have been working with ABF and other companies to stem or even reverse these losses for the past three years.

We do this by combining our asset management experience with our building surveying skills. For example, on one 55,000ft2 vacant retail property we have been co-ordinating the marketing activities with our detailed understanding of the issues presented by the property. This allows us to align tenant requirements with the capital investment required and the potential rental return. We’ll work up an IRR schedule for the scheme then manage the expenditure component to monitor any breach of the client’s return threshold. Alternatively we’ll work up a proposal to maximise the reduction in financial outflow.

Once a tenant has been secured we can manage the capital works project through to completion, ensuring consistency and that accountability is retained. On IRI leases we’ll present a handover package at completion to any corporate property management entity allowing them to quickly get up to speed with the subsequent management of the building.

Acquisition Surveys

Acquisition Surveys

Clients’ requirements for a particular property and their intentions for it vary from case to case whether acquiring for investment, occupation or development.  For example, one investor may have different objectives to another on the same building; this is why our acquisition survey reports are tailored to each instruction with the objective of reporting on those matters which affect their intentions.

For the past five years we have been working with Flight Centre as they continue to expand their highly successful brand range through the UK.  Having worked alongside Flight Centre to develop a report which fulfilled their initial requirements we have continued to refine our reporting to take into account the changes in their acquisitions particularly with the recent move to develop hyperstores.

As such, each report now provides Flight Centre with not just a list of defects, as a traditional survey would do, but consideration of the matters that impact on their proposed fit out and items affecting how the property is managed and operated in the future.  We also look to mitigating their potential dilapidations liability in the years to come.

Dilapidations Strategy

Dilapidations Strategy

Each dilapidations instruction that we work on begins with formulating a strategy because whilst the principles of dilapidations law are consistent, there are numerous variables that can affect an outcome. We look at those variables at the outset and then design an approach that can accommodate the matter developing in a number of ways. This strategy forms the backbone of our work and is shared with the client so there is transparency in the potential progress and outcome.

We’ve used this approach to great effect over the past 18 months in reducing a number of dilapidations claims on retail, office and industrial property. Some of the background we work we do is very subtle (we once discovered a landlord’s true intentions for a property because one of their architect’s sub-consultants tweeted about it!) and we will always look for angles to minimise the financial outcome.

If you would like to know more about the savings we have generated for River Island, BASF and ABF Plc recently, get in touch.

Some Numbers

Each completed project, great result or happy client makes us even more hungry to deliver results and demonstrate what else we can do.


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Collins McKay offers a full range of range of services across the Building Consultancy spectrum, for both landlords and tenants. Our main service offerings are summarised below but should you require assistance outside of these areas, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Pre-acquisition Surveys

Pre-acquisition Surveys

Our survey reports deliver robust, concise and commercially minded advice about your intended acquisition. We will use our asset management and investment experience to consider the drivers that affect your decisions to purchase or lease a property. If it is necessary to get input from other consultants we will co-ordinate this and include their findings in our report. We will always call you on the day of our inspection to give you a summary of our findings with a written executive summary delivered within 24 hours of us going to a property.

Project Management

Project Management

Successful project management requires a blend of skills including excellent communication and listening, forward planning and even motivation of others. Because each project is unique we hone our approach to deliver your project objectives with confidence and with minimum risk. We take a lead role and communicate the key information to you on a regular basis. We use innovative ways of maintaining control of information flows between the team members.



Part science, part art, and a good dose of law, the key to successful dilapidations negotiations is experience. We’re pleased to say that we have a huge amount; we know all the angles and how to ensure that our clients get an appropriate conclusion in a sensible timescale. No wild promises, just good results.

Lead Consultant

Lead Consultant

Clients often don’t have the time and resources to manage a team of consultants on a project; appointing us to act as lead consultant simplifies their involvement and allows them to focus their attention on the ‘bigger picture’. We’re happy to act as the clients eyes, ears, hands and nose on a project because we know how to speak the language of all those involved.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration

From specifying the work needed and tendering the project through to managing the work to completion, we’ll be your single point of contact and will ensure that your interests are protected throughout. You’ll know what is going on at all times at the level of detail you want. Our experience in this work spans all property types and ages.

Refurbishment Advice

Refurbishment Advice

Deciding on the scope of the refurbishment work depends on various factors but most critically the benefit gained from the financial outlay. We will guide you through the options available backed up by sound cost-benefit analysis. We’ll do so giving consideration to the bigger picture affecting the project such as timescales, project risks and procurement approach.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

You have a need for work to a property or an idea that you want to pursue, but is it feasible? We’ll work out the logistics, the issues and, most importantly, the costs as either a high level or detailed study. When it comes to making your final decision you will have grounded and realistic advice and can proceed with confidence.

Project Monitoring

Project Monitoring

By controlling the risks, financial exposure and ensuring the compliance of developments we protect the security of our clients’ investments with our project monitoring service. From initial forensic financial and technical analysis to providing coherent client support throughout the construction phase we add value to a project by facilitating improved decision making.

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Preparing ahead for the cost and work involved in ensuring that your property’s value is maintained. We’ll work with you to schedule pro-active maintenance work to ensure, where practical, there are no conflicts with other significant property expenditure. Our plans are bespoke and designed to give you all the information you need at a glance.

Fire Reinstatement Valuations

Fire Reinstatement Valuations

Carefully calculated reinstatement values to ensure that your property insurance is at the right level. Whether valuing an individual property or a portfolio we will make sure that your premium is not too high that that adequate cover is being maintained.

Principal Designer

Principal Designer

The Principal Designer is there to advise and assist the client with their duties under the CDM Regulations as well as co-ordinating health and safety aspects of any design work. We’re good communicators, an essential attribute for CDM work, and use it to co-operate effectively on Health and Safety matters with others involved with the project.

Party Walls

Party Walls

Acting as owner’s surveyor or adjoining owner’s surveyor within the Party Wall Act where building work is undertaken that affects the wall or boundary between two properties.

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